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Writing a book can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life but can also feel daunting and lonely. Host and NY Times bestselling author Carmen Renee Berry pulls back the curtain to explore the real and diverse stories of those who journey from aspiring writer to published author. Authors candidly share their dreams, struggles, and strategies for writers like you—those who have life-changing messages to share with the world. Real Authors in Real Time is brought to you by Berry Powell Press, an author-focused hybrid publisher.

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Wednesday Jul 05, 2023

Many writers share their story in hopes it will transform others. However, many are surprised at how much writing a book transforms themselves.
This week, coach and fitness entrepreneur Eric Freedom discusses how the process of writing his book transformed him and the way his story is unfolding to this day. He shares how writing core memories leads us to analyze and understand them from a different perspective, which has changed his most important relationships and how he sees himself. If you’re grappling with this formative journey, you are not alone. Tune in for conversation and insights that will help you keep going strong.
Click here to get your copy of Eric’s book, Don’t Run from the Fight: The Freedom Framework for Men’s Power and Purpose. To connect with Eric, visit his website,, and find him on Instagram at @coachericfreedom. Learn more about Berry Powell Press here and follow us on Instagram @berrypowellpress.

Wednesday Jun 28, 2023

Writing a book can feel lonely, but publishing is truly a team sport. It takes a village to become an author, bring a book to life, and sustain your author business.
This week, we hear from Berry Powell’s Director of Author Relations, Marianne Croonquist, on how authors can build their support network. Marianne weaves her expertise as both a book coach and Marriage & Family Therapist to help writers create their circle of care. While this can be uncomfortable, this episode provides several practical ideas of how to ask for help—whether it’s a brainstorming session, a babysitter so you can write, a cup of coffee, or an Amazon review. By the end of this episode, you’ll feel less daunted and more prepared to bring community into your author journey.
Learn more about Berry Powell Press here and follow us on Instagram at @berrypowellpress.

Writing to Bridge Cultures

Wednesday Jun 21, 2023

Wednesday Jun 21, 2023

This week, Dr. Katsura Suzuki shares her challenges and insights as an author who writes to bridge the cultures within and around her.
Katsura grew up in Japan as the tea ceremony master’s daughter but moved to Switzerland where she resides today. For over thirty years, Katsura has navigated between Eastern and Western cultures, building an esteemed career in global finance and private banking. Her book, The Birdfish and the Secret of Crystal Island is a middle-grade novel based on her personal journey of finding a place to belong and creating belonging wherever she may be. Through her writing, she teaches kids who feel different how to love their identity and use their uniqueness as a strength.
Katsura also has a book for adults called The Invisible Gift, which uses the principles of the Japanese Tea Ceremony to help us strengthen and repair relationships. To find her books and connect, visit Learn more about Berry Powell Press here and follow us at @berrypowellpress on Instagram.

Wednesday Jun 14, 2023

Writing a book can feel incredibly lonely, and when we write in solitude, we can find ourselves stuck for a very long time. This week, internationally recognized writer, teacher, and speaker Dr. Diana Pavlac Glyer shares exactly why and how collaboration brings out the best in their work.
Diana paints an expansive definition of collaboration and describes the many forms it can take, like encouragement, practical support, and critical feedback. Her advice equips writers to take the first step in identifying their needs and finding the right people to fill them. Ultimately, inviting others into our author journey will not only bring your work to life, but it also makes the process of creating a book less daunting and more sustainable.
Berry Powell Press will be publishing Diana’s four-book Writer’s Foundation series where she will break down the process of writing, revision, and collaboration for writers at any stage in the process. She has authored several books including The Company They Keep, The Bandersnatch, Clay in the Potter’s Hands, and A Compass for Deep Heaven. Find Diana’s books and writing resources at her website, Learn more about Berry Powell Press here and follow us at @berrypowellpress on Instagram.

Writing Your Story as Fiction

Wednesday Jun 07, 2023

Wednesday Jun 07, 2023

Many are driven to write their personal story, but how? As self-help? Memoir? Fiction? Award-winning author Mike E Reynolds shares how he decided to tell his story in the medium of fiction, and he shares about the challenges and opportunities that came with that decision. In this episode, we explore how to weave reality with fiction to both preserve the message and drive the story forward. Mike also shares how he navigated the interpersonal consequences of publishing this book, and he shares about the new perspective he developed on his story through the process of writing it.
Mike’s debut novel, Darkness Dwells in Dixie, won silver in the 2023 IBPA Benjamin Franklin awards. Connect with Mike at his website, and find his book Darkness Dwells in Dixie on Amazon, B&N, and more.

Wednesday May 31, 2023

Whether you’re just starting out or already working with a publisher, knowing the stages of editing is an essential tool for authors with dreams of publishing. This week, we break down the four major types of editing with Berry Powell’s Director of Editorial Services, Abby Dengler. Understanding these stages will clarify what type of editor you need and how to work well with them. If you’re already working with a publisher, these stages will help you locate yourself in the process to avoid frustration and make your manuscript the best it can be.
Connect with Abby on Instagram at @abigailstonejoy for more writing support and creative community. Learn more about Berry Powell Press here and follow us at @berrypowellpress on Instagram.

Wednesday May 24, 2023

This week, author and blogger Phil Chan shares key lessons and writing tools he gained to write a book—and not just any book, but one that people will want to read and impacts their lives. He discusses learning how people think, becoming a better communicator, holding people’s attention, speaking to people who may think differently from him, and moving from good ideas to something that will help people. Especially if you’re a nonfiction self-help writer or blogger, this week’s episode will provide insight into communicating with your audience.
Find Phil’s book, Rhythms of Resilience, his study guide, blogs, and more at and on Instagram at @thisisphilchan.

Wednesday May 17, 2023

Author, performer, and playwright María Pérez-Gómez contributes her process behind creating an award-winning chapter book that celebrates Puerto Rican culture and helps children of all backgrounds process loss. She shares candidly about the struggle of re-writing the story, facing the question, “Is this really worth it?” and finding the courage to start again. This episode captures key insights on learning to trust the creative process and write the story you were meant to write.
María’s book, The Magical Closet Mystery: A Puerto Rican Adventure, won Silver in the 2023 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award. Find María and her book at and on Instagram at @themagicalclosetmystery.

Wednesday May 10, 2023

Guest: Dr. Janyne McConnaughey, author of award-winning Trauma in the Pews and nationally known trauma-informed author and advocate.
Janyne speaks on her challenges and strategies of writing about one's personal trauma so that the reader is affirmed and not re-traumatized. How much do you share? When to name names? How to honor your loved ones? How to show your readers they’re not alone without over-exposing or retraumatizing yourself? And how do you avoid making enemies of the people you want to help? If you’re a writer or author who wants to share your experiences and a healing message, this episode is for you.
Janyne’s most recent book, Trauma in the Pews, won Gold in the 2023 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award. Find her books, resources, and ways to connect with Janyne at


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